Classes are private and scheduled at the student´s convenience. First time students are required to take an introductory class regardless of their dance level. Our introductory special is $20 per person for the first two 30-minute classes. After such time the instructor will be able to recommend one of our programs based on the students ability, goals, and time commitment. Group classes are $15 each or 10 for $135. See calendar for times


Wedding dance lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons

If your rythymless or don't have a dance move to speak of, it does not matter. For your special day we will make you the life of your special ocassion; and impress your signifigant other with your new moves, or the both of you can put on a show for your guest and be the star of youtube for weddings.

Start your wedding dance lessons today and learn to burn up the dance floor.
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salsa dancing nyc

Salsa dance lessons nyc

Salsa comes from mambo, a Cuban-rhythm based dance. We teach practical "club style" salsa for social dancers as well as advanced salsa for professionals and competitors. Patterns are taught on "clave" or "on the 2". A strong emphasis is placed on timing and open footwork (shines). Our specialty is teaching the student to combine technique with flavor in order to learn advanced patterns, but not lose sight of the rhythm. Sign up for you salsa dance lessons today.



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Latin dance

Other than Salsa, our studio specializes in Bolero, Cha–cha, Samba and Merengue. Lessons and difficulty of patterns advance at the students own pace. Students may choose to concentrate on the social style, or take their dancing up to a performance level. Lear the art of Latin dance.

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Argentine Tango nycARGENTINE TANGO:

Inspired by the brothels of Argentina, this sensuous dance is executed in an informal fashion and highlights the man as well as the woman. Although no strict timing is used, emphasis is placed on connection and intricacy of footwork.


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Swing dancing nyc

Swing dancing is an American Rhythm dance consisting of 4, 6 or 8 beat patterns. It incorporates underarm turns, side passes, pushes and whips; plus syncopations and extensions.



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An energetic, smooth flowing partner dance originating in the 1970´s, the bustle is as popular as ever. Patterns cover a circular area of the dance floor and include underarm turns, whips and drops.

House and hip hop nycHIP HOP/HOUSE:

Club dancers can learn the latest moves as well as perfect their own style. Class includes a warm-up, footwork and rhythm exercises and a short dance combination.

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Flamenco is a genuine Spanish art which exists in three forms: Cante, the song, Bade, the dance, and Guitarra, guitar playing. The dance which consists of rhythmic footwork, sharp angles of the body and arms and turns. Extra accessories include castanets and fans.

LATIN FUSION/BELLYDANCING: Learn to dance like Shakira! This class combines all of the allure of traditional bellydance with the spice of a Latin beat.

meet Israel MartinezIsrael Martinez

The founder of Martinez Dance Studios and Taino Dance Theater.

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