House Dance

Who we are

FlamencoMartinez Dance Studios was created in 1997. The founder Israel Martinez wanted to create a dance studio that dissolves the lines between ballroom dancing and authentic latin dancing. A studio where every dance is nurtured and enjoyed. Martinez Dance Studios offers everything from waltz to hip hop. A place where you can learn the technique and the precision of ballroom as well as finding the rhythm and the soul of authentic dancing. A place where professional street dancing meets professional ballroom dancing. A place where you can mix the movement with the numbers with the soul and the end result is real dancing. Martinez Dance Studios specializes in improvization for social dancing and a strong curriculum for those who want to do choreography and performance dance.

DancingThe environment is intimate, personal and relaxed. Even though Martinez Dance Studios has group classes they specialize in one-on-one training (private classes). Martinez Dance Studios realizes that every individual is different and learns at a different pace, so classes are personalized for those who are serious about the art of dance and for those who just want to learn how to dance at a social level. The dance studio is candle lit with soft lighting and full of culture. Classes are energetic yet relaxed, powerful and yet calm. The energy of Martinez Dance Studios is full of life, and love for dance whether you are advanced or a beginner we are all considered at the same levels.

JazzThe staff is mainly trained by the founder Israel Martinez whose phylisophies and teaching techniques stay consistent. Our students are a main priority and our main concern. As a staff we want students to learn the techniques, the timing, the rhythm and the spirituality of dancing. Teachers of Martinez Dance Studios come from diverse ethnic and dance backgrounds, which keeps us rich in culture as well as continuing the evolution of fusing dances together. At the end the result of our staff is for you to be the dancer you were meant to be in your own way. Ever had a long day where everything went wrong? Your boss was being mean, the train was late, nothing was going right. The spirit of dance is how to get rid of all that negative energy. “Dancing is a soul thing, a spiritual thing.” Martinez Dance Studios believes that through dance you create positive energy as well as getting rid of negative energy.

There’s been imitators, but there’s only one Martinez Dance Studios.